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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Frances, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Frances

    Frances Member

    Hello, I just moved to the beautiful city of Olomouc (and to my boyfriend :)), I am originally from Sweden but my parents are from Taiwan. Complicated? Yes! :)

    Well since I am taking a course on a net university (in swedish) I can study from anywhere I want in the world. So naturally I moved here since I love this place. Since I don't go to an university here in Olomouc (yet, I am applying for Euro Culture Programme on Palacky University summer 2005) I don't meet many people at all, if you don't count my boyfriends friends. And almost no english-speaking people :( So yeah it is a little bit lonely, although I love this city.

    So I was searching around on internet and found this page, I hope that some girls or guys from Olomouc (or foreign people, I don't care - as long as you know english! :)) are interested in a new friendship, I'm up for anything fun!
  2. nuwan

    nuwan Member


    Im a student studying in Olomouc.
    Whats up? :D
  3. Frances

    Frances Member

    Hello nuwan! Fun that someone answered! :)

    WHat do you study? Where do you come from? :) You already have a description of me, so let's talk about you! :lol:
  4. nuwan

    nuwan Member


    I sent you a private message with more details :)

    or i can post it here if you want :)
  5. Sigma

    Sigma Well-Known Member

    There are English speaking people in Olomouc, but they are far and few between.

    I only met one person who spoke decent English and he was from Palestine. That suited me just fine, because I was in Olomouc trying to improve my Czech.
  6. monkey

    monkey New Member

    :) Hello to you. I am an English speaking person, sorry I am an American. I envy you for getting the chance to live in the Czech Rep. I was there a couple of months ago, I really didn't want to leave.... :cry: I was all over Europe and found Prague/ Praha to be my favorite of all the places I've been to over there. I'm also fond of Scotland. I'm a Scottish American. If your looking for an American e-pal to chat I am. I'm sure my life is a bit different then most of yours...I live in the weird city of Las Vegas, Nevada. That about says it all. I would love to chat with any English speaking/typing Czechs, I've alot to learn from you. The Monkey 8)
  7. BinB

    BinB New Member

    Hi Frances,

    Belgian guy, I'm moving to Brno in mid-february (not far from Olomouc, I think). I'm going to work there for 1 year (quite thrilled I must say).
    I'd be glad to know if you've already been there? How is the city, could you meet foreign people?
  8. Frances

    Frances Member

    Hey, you have nothing to worry about! :) Brno is a big city with aloooooooooooooooooooooooot of foreign people! Very different from Olomouc (if you don't study at the university there... :( )
  9. BinB

    BinB New Member

    Hi Frances,

    Thanks for your quick reply! I'm more happy than worry, actually, but my english is quite poor :shock:
    Do you know some places in Brno where I can meet this loooooooooot of foreigners? 8)
  10. Thizzguy

    Thizzguy New Member

    Hey i am a 21 year old american who is going to be in Olomouc till the 11th of January, and i speak only english. So if you want go ahead and send me a message
  11. libasek

    libasek New Member

    Let´s have a cup of coffee in Olomouc

    I am Czech mother of son. I am looking for an English speaking mother with small child/children who wants to spend time chatting and playing with children and help me a little bit with my conversation skills. Olomouc or nearby.

    Martina and Libasek (1,5 year old)

  12. nuwan

    nuwan Member


    any foreigners left in olomouc?

    currently busy with exams, once over i am free to chat :)

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