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Discussion in 'Housing - For Rent, Sale or Exchange' started by cracovie27, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. cracovie27

    cracovie27 New Member

    Hello ,
    i will be in brno on monday , i am searching for persson who need flat mate or want to rent a flat with another persson , iam 27 years old and i start working in brno on 1st november.
    best regards.
  2. gshivakumarg

    gshivakumarg Member

    In which company you will going to work.?
    how rooms are there in your apartment.?
    what is the rent per month.?
  3. Maanav

    Maanav New Member

    Hi ,

    I m 27 yr old from india , i'll be in Brno from 1st Jan 08 , pls let me know rent details if still possition is vacant .
  4. gshivakumarg

    gshivakumarg Member

    Hi Maanav,

    I am also from India....looking for same details.
    where r u from.?
    I am also going to Brno to work in IBM.
    can I have ur gmail id.?

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