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    a bit strange English, but I think you are inquiring about you renting one of the two rooms? If so, get permission from your landlord first, and take their passport number :}
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    Hi Raj,
    I am from India and I am moving to BRNO,CR next month .....I have been doing some research on living in brno as I may have to find myself a rental accomodation soon:)
    Can you pls eloborate on ur post???
    Also are u located in BRNO?
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    First person was asking if it is acceptable to take in another person to share the rent. He is (or will be) renting from owners of the apartment.

    PLEASE note from Czech point of view: Owners of the apartment would be extremely upset if you do that. It is simply not done. If you cannot afford to pay the rent you cannot rent that apartment. You have no right to collect the rent from your new roomate. It you do that, you will lose roof over your head and fast. I have heard this from owners in connection with Asian renters and for that reason they are affraid to rent apartments to them. As stories go - Asians are in habbit of moving as many "roomates" in as they can fit in + more. Only apartment owner can collect rent for their apartment.

    However, there are some places where you can rent a room (to share apartment) - but only from the owner.
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    HI Viral,

    Could you give your mobile number please i will call you . we will dicuss ....i am from Bangalore .....
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    This is Raj kumar , please give me the mail to

    i am waiting for your mail.

    where are you prasently,.....
    take care

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