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Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by Kanadanka, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Kanadanka

    Kanadanka Well-Known Member

    I wonder how many more people on here are receiving "business" offers in their private mailboxes.
    Here is a copy of mine. Is there any way to prevent getting spam on here?

    From: pixmeup
    To: Kanadanka
    Posted: 12-Feb-06 22:45
    Subject: Hello
    Have you heard of yet? This is great for working from anywhere or buying a business ad for a small amount, for incredible exposure to lots of eyes. Ad this to your web business and see it explode in visitors to your site!
    This new launch is exploding right now with 1,500 new members joining every day since pixmeup's launch back on Feb. 1.
    All you do is buy a $25 ad or more. There is no other hidden fees, just renew once a year that's it! It comes with a weblink to your site and 1,000's of people a day come to the site and see your ad and click on it. Even if you do not have a business website of your own, you can still buy ads and place a link in it to let's say...Myspace or something.
    Now, here is the best part! you get back up to $19,000 for every ad you buy, because this system is a forced 3x8 Matrix. It fills continuosly without you doing anything but telling one other person and they join the same way! That's it! Of course if you tell others and they buy and ad, you make a 20% bonus off of each business center and 5% bonus off of all there sponsored reps. This is huge money! and legit! Please look at this, get informed, you will be greatful you did it now. Get in at the top! while you still can and sit back and get paid. If for nothing else, it is a great value for advertising your business for $25 a year. Tell others and make more!


    John M.
    PixMeUp Sales
  2. My Czech Republic

    My Czech Republic Administrator

    Hi Kanadanka,

    Thanks for reporting that you received a spam message through private messaging. We're sorry it happened. The user has already been banned because he posted four spam messages on the boards.

    This is the first time we have received a PM spam report. We ask that members report spam messages to us, so we can take appropriate action.


  3. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    I , too, just recieved the same exact PM. I simply deleted it. Is that what I was supposed to do or should I have reported it first? Please let me know so I know what to do next time.

    I didn't click it on, but it sounds like "pyramid scheme" just from what was on the PM!


  4. rockinrobin

    rockinrobin Member

    I too recived a spam message today, but deleted it.
  5. My Czech Republic

    My Czech Republic Administrator

    If you receive a private message that is spam or something you feel is inappropriate, please send a PM to 'My Czech Republic' and include the sender's username and a copy of the spam message. After that, you can delete the message.

    Thank you!


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