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    The best known Czech herbal liqueur is called BECHEROVKA. Jan Becher produced his healing liqueur like an alchemist, weighing each individual ingredient on apothecary scales and blending his mixture in wrought bowls. Even today the production has not completely lost its magical and mysterious charm, not least because there are only two people alive in the world who know the recipe for preparing the mixture of herbs!

    FERNET STOCK is another herbal liqueur. It is based on 14 herbs, literally imported from all over the world. Only two are grown in the Czech Republic, the rest must be brought in from the Pyrenees, the Atlas mountain range, Cameroon, Pakistan and Indonesia. We can divulge that Fernet Stock contains bitter spices, quinine and orange peel, wormwood tops, Roman camomile and the tops of chubet Benedict. The quality of the herbs is the crucial factor in the production of Fernet Stock. For example, it takes the bitter spices seven to ten years before they attain the necessary size and, more importantly, the right taste.

    Fruit spirits are distinguished by the typical characteristics of their ingredients, aroma and taste. Fruit spirits are produced exclusively from fruit, without any chemical additions, which guarantees their quality and is the reason why they are such a highly demanded and valued product. We can categorise Moravian slivovice in this way. It is a spirit made from a special kind of plum, which only grows in Moravia. The smoothest "Valasska Borovicka" is distilled in Moravia in Valassko (Beskydy). Local highlanders have been distilling this excellent spirit from mountain juniper berries for many centuries
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    Hello there ! Czech spirits (esp. slivovitz) and liqueurs (absinth, becherovka) are unique and (for me) best ones :wink: in the world.

    I can't live without shortglass of slivovitz every day :lol: Since then I am stong and every illness is far away for me (knock, knock)

    If I could recommend, http://www.goodmood.cz is the best choice for foreign lovers of czech spirits. Yeah !

    Long live czech alc. producers !

    edit: this is my first post to this great board, so welcome all, I am Spooky :wink:
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    Hi Spooky!

    It seems that you are an ardent proponent of alternative medicine. Good for you. :wink:
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    Yeah Eve, alternative medicine is best for me :wink:

    Forget all that chemical pills, slivovica heal every illness :lol:
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    There's nothing like good homemade slivovice, if you get if in a 'hot' tee with lots of sugar it'll taste even better! :D
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    Comparing to the Hungarian Unicum and the German Jaegermeister what tastes better to you? I would say Unicum is my favorite :idea:
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    In my opinion the best czech herbal liqueur is original moravian Orechovka :wink:
    But it has to be original Orechovka, not some "nuts" milky liqueur !
  8. Other very good choices. I add slivovitz and Italian liqueurs Ramazzotti and Montenegro (the former tastes much better on the rocks).

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