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Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by brigitte, Nov 13, 2004.

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    I am thinking about a part of the site for sport - I follow Milan Baros in football, and it would be nice to have a place where Czech football is talked about, apart from the official clubs sites and the players fansites. I do visit Liverpool FC's messageboard, where I am forever defending Milan, it gets quite rowdy there sometimes, but I enjoy going in. Milan has just scored 3 goals tonight, so he's the top man at the moment!! :D

    It would be nice to discuss other Czech players though. It is difficult sometimes as football can be a rather volatile subject, and sometimes arguments arise. I got trouble on the Liverpool site for mentioning I bought the Sun newspaper once for a story on Milan. Because of the Hillsborough disaster there is a lot of discontent with the Sun newspaper for its coverage of the story, and I got a lot of angry posts after saying the pic was in the Sun!! The fact that I bought the paper was more important than my comments on the pic I'd seen!! :?

    Back to the subject though - It would be good to have a sport forum here, not just football.
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    Hi Brigitte,

    Thanks for the suggestion. A sports forum would be fun and may pop up in the future. The expansion of the boards by new forums is typically a natural process, i.e. whenever we see that there have been a high number of discussions on a certain topic, we may create a new forum to accommodate them. Otherwise, anything that doesn't fit into a specific forum can be discussed under Miscellaneous although I know it's not the most attractive forum to post into.

    My Czech Republic
  3. brigitte

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    Cheers Dana. :)
  4. My Czech Republic

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    The Sports forum is here! There have been enough discussions on the topic of sports, so we've moved them into a new forum. Enjoy!

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