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    I'm having trouble finding my ancestors of Ulrich. They immigrated to Canada from Bohemia. It's difficult when so many places to search are not english. I only know a Louis Ulrich was born in June of 1880. Anyone know of any sites that might help me point in the right direction? Or anyone know of the last name Ulrich? I appreciate any help one can give me. Thank you kindly. :)
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    Ulrich is a German first name (Czech counterpart is "Oldřich").

    It is also common German (and thus also Czech) surname. There exists also the "Ulrych" variant.

    You can hardly find somebody with such common name without having some information about his place of origin.
  3. Ulrich

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    I could only find the Canadian Census where it said he (and his family) came from Bohemia, and the list of names for his family and the month/years they were born. It didn't state the exact place where he was born in Bohemia. Thanks for your help. :)

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