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    I'm taking a 5 day vacation this week, Wed - Sun. At first I was thinking of taking the train to Budapest, but now I'm thinking perhaps I should stay in Třeboň instead. I basically want to just relax, and maybe lay out on a sandy "beach" a bit. I also want to see some sights. I figued Třeboň would be better because everything would be cheap, and it would be more laid-back.. plus I read that it has a sandy beach where perhaps I could layout/swim?

    Has anyone been to Třeboň? Could you see yourself staying there for 5 days? Any tips? How's the swimming/beach?

  2. Jeff

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    Hi Rob,

    Dana and I have enjoyed both our visits to Třeboň. We think it is a great town to explore and recommend that area of Southern Bohemia in general. I am not familiar with the "beaches" in Třeboň, but there is a beautiful town square, a nice park at the chateau, and walking/biking paths around the ponds. Biking is very popular, so maybe you can try renting a bike. Třeboň also has a spa that offers various treatments but we've never tried that.

    There is a helpful information office on the square - their website is at http://www.itrebon.cz/index.php?l=en. From Třeboň you can easily visit České Budějovice and Jindřichův Hradec.

    For food, we highly recommend the Šupina restaurant (http://www.supina.cz) near the Bohemia Regent brewery. For drink, the Regent beer is a real favorite.

    We have some pictures of the area in our photo gallery at http://www.myczechrepublic.com/photos/bohemia/.

    Enjoy your vacation! Let us know how it went no matter where you ended up.

  3. wissy

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    Hi Jeff.
    On the Trebon web site under 'demographics' it lists Trebon's population as 8781 Czech and 68 Moravian. Is it usual in CR to subdivide as such. Excuse my ignorance but i thought that CR consisted mainly of Bohemians and Moravians (Czechs) - so why this subdivision between Czechs and Moravians? Surely it is the same? :?:
  4. wissy

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    Sorry maybe this thread should be under Culture now? :)
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    It's based on census in 2001. Some people in Czech republic regards themselves as Moravians - exactly 380474 from 10230060 - about 3% of population. National Moravian political party exists too, but with very small voters support.

    Full results of census (in Czech):
  6. wissy

    wissy Well-Known Member

    Thanks Eso.
    My Czech is very limited, but looking at the census it appears that you have to be really careful once you reach the age of 60 in the Czech Republic! :wink:
  7. eso

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    Well, census is from 2001.

    Then age 60-64 correspond to years of birth 1937-1941 and this period wasn't best for birth rate...
  8. wissy

    wissy Well-Known Member

    Yes, you're right ofcourse. I hadn't thought it through. :roll: Very interesting statistics nonetheless.
  9. wer

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    Ehm, I think length of age interval is more essential. Only 5 years :wink:.

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