teach me czech - Peterborough, England

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by Lee, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. Lee

    Lee New Member

    hi there everyone.
    My name is Lee and I live in Peterborough
    England. I want to find someone who can help teach me the language. Preferbly the person will live near by, but i can travel if you dont. I would also consider staying with a familly in Czech Republic to learn.
    Please could someone help me.

    Many Thanks

  2. jendel

    jendel New Member

    Hi :) Do you know, about some people like you? Because I want to work in England in summer and teaching czech wouldn't be so difficult. So I could teach you and maybe other people in England, but I can't find any full time job in UK for me and my girlfriend for 2 months.Could you help me please? We are well educated, We are studying last year of the third best grammar school in Czech republic, so we are able to teach somebody with our knowledge and education.Thank you in advance for your help :) I would be pleased if you answer me on my e-mail: Rafaelvaldez@seznam.cz

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