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    Víš co, Avitare?
    These sound like poorly chosen verbs for the intended meaning.
    In english..to shake somebody's hand
    in czech.. podat někomu ruku

    and 10 I'll bet is supposed to say.
    Better not flee(escape) by car.

    9) Žádnýma rukama jsme nepotřásli. We didn't shake any hands. (It doesn't make any sense, in both czech and english, does it?)
    10) Raději neutíkej k ničímu automobilu. You'd rather not run toward anyones(?) car???

    Maybe the person that created the test wasn't a native Czech speaker.
    Doporučují, abychom uteklí autem. Policie nás bude hledat na nádraži a letístě.
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    I guess you are right about creator of that test not being native czech speaker.

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