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Discussion in 'Culture' started by TallElf, Nov 19, 2005.

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    Not everything gets better with panelaks, and I don't mean their aging. People who can afford it, tend to move to fancier flats or houses (and older people who moved in decades ago die). On the other hand, people coming in are unfortunately often not such great neighbours. Many of them are very noisy no matter what the hour is (lacking sound isolation in panelaks is to blame here too), take dump / vomit in corridors, throw their garbage right out of their window etc. Sometimes it's really impossible to persuade them to behave, police is of no help, it also doesn't help there's no one to enforce the house rules, since we are all peers (flat owners). The special chapter are people who don't live in the flat themselves, but rent it for money instead, living elsewhere (e.g. they inherited the one in panelak). They couldn't care less about what's going on there as long as they get their money from tenants. :( And here I'm talking about white people, I'd rather not start about gypsies - estate agencies seem to love buying flats located in "good" areas in a town from Gypsies, offering them cheap flats in sidliste instead - sidliste Janov in Litvinov (I guess some of you might have heard about this one - I heard the gypsy population tripled there in just 2-4 years, from about 3,000 to nearly 10,000, making the sidliste the living hell for other neighbours) is just one of many examples of this behaviour.
    I'm speaking from my own experience, I live in sidliste myself and I know it's not only "my" house that has such issues. This started happening only in past few years but it seems it's getting worse each year.
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    Sounds like some parts of the UK. It's called anti-social behaviour...
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    That was exactly my point!

    I wasn't talking about the Czech Republic there! I was contrasting it with similar projects in Ireland!
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    sorry :wink:

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