The US-still the land of dreams or not?

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    Please translate to English?
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    I will try:

    Goddess of justice has, in case of army, one of scales weighed down by machine-gun magazine.
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    To All:

    As a trial attorney, the American system of justice is constantly evolving to the new technologies to prove the innocence of the guilty, or the guilt of the long suspected. DNA evidence has freed many of the wrongly acquited, and convicted the long suspected. Unfortunately, archaic English common law on paternity has not had received the same attention. DNA proof years later that your child is not there is still without remedy in the US. Simple acknowledgement of paternity at birth and the passage of time binds a possible non-father to a child born during the marriage. In the civil arena, the "best interests of the child" prevails despite scientific evidence to the contrary.

    I have met quite a few Central/Eastern Europeans in the US including ethnic Russians from the Caucuses, and to them this country still represents the land of opportunity. It is true as Europe's standard of living and governmental institutions catch up to the US the desire to
    emigrate here may diminish. However, I traveled throughout the American West and the sheer beauty of states like Arizonia, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington will always be a draw. Over the last
    100 years of European immigration we have been the great experiment that is now becoming the EU. Most of us of European heritage are mix of
    two to 6 different ethinic groups that otherwise never would have married in Europe.

    The Great Challenge to this Republic is how to integrate the new immigrants from vastly different cultures than the present Western oriented population. The Mexicans Amercians have been in US citizens since the entry of the Louisania Purchase, and Texas admission to the Republic, and they have heavily inter-married with the Anglos on the Texas border areas. They have been and are Americans and hold the same values as any other American. The great debate since 9/11 and the massive waves of South American immigration is a matter of integration, and assimilation. The religious bombings that have occured in England, and Spain have required that we examine our immigration policy and take account who is entering the country.

    Without a trade off of long held freedoms, the Czech requirment of
    citizen identification card may become one of the cheapest means to
    preserve the Republic. The new Federal Requirements as to auto driver
    license identification protocals are necessary to protect Amercian citizens
    from those who would do us harm.

    So maybe America and Europe are becoming more a like than different.

    John Rihacek

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