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  1. sammy

    sammy New Member


    I need to know how many people go to prague in the UK in a year?

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  2. Wicker808

    Wicker808 Well-Known Member

    Hello Sammy. I'm afraid that you've been misinformed. Prague is not in the UK. Prague is in the Czech Republic. I hope this helps you. Thanks for writing.
  3. sammy

    sammy New Member


    I know that prague isn't in the uk but is in the Czech republic
    wot I meant by the question was that "In the uk how many people visit prague every year"
    :D :D :D :D :D
  4. hockeygirl_leafs07

    hockeygirl_leafs07 Active Member

    Sammy, your question still implies that Prague is in the UK--"in the UK how many people visit Prague". You mean how many people from the UK visit Prague every year? Geez, I thought you English invented this language.
  5. Krysicka

    Krysicka New Member

    8) I think what Sammy want's to know is "How many people from the UK travel to Prague annually?" Am I right?
  6. michael1235

    michael1235 Member

    Yes, you are correct Kryscka, and this is not a criticism of Sammy, it is a sad reflection on the state of the U.K. educational system when young people leave school with no knowledge of grammar and an inability to express themselves in their native language. What chance do they have of learnig a foreign language?

  7. Harry

    Harry Active Member

    Phew! Can we get over the semantics?
    I haven't the faintest clue why you need to know the numbers Sammy but would suggest you contact the Czech Tourist Board either in the UK or in the Czech Republic.
    And then add on the number 3 because that will include me :D

  8. michael1235

    michael1235 Member

    Me too. I'm off tomorrow for 4 days, and have spent all day trying to memorise pivo, vino, & Na zdravi -).
  9. michael1235

    michael1235 Member

    Sorry for getting your name wrong Krysicka.
  10. Krysicka

    Krysicka New Member

    Ahh... no worries Michael.
  11. sammy

    sammy New Member


    I needed to know how many people from the uk visit prague in the czech republic because I need it for my assisignment, that I am doing.

    michael I know what I am on about as it made sense to me
    Krysicka that is exactly wot I meant
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  12. michael1235

    michael1235 Member

    Here's the tricky part Sammy, it's also got to make sense to everybody else. Do you think any Czech reader is going to know the meaning of 'WOT'. It certainly doesn't appear in my dictionary. -)
  13. sammy

    sammy New Member

    Hi Mick
    'wot' is slang for What
    I'll try and remember to make sure you know what I am talking about
  14. michael1235

    michael1235 Member

    I've just noticed where you hail from Sammy, that explains everything. Nothing more from me on this puerile subject. ENDEX.

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