Translating English/Czech work for companies?

Discussion in 'General Language' started by hyposmurf, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. hyposmurf

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    Does anyone know of agencies that provide work for people wanting to translate Czech-English or vice versa?Just trying to see if I can find my woman some work.Ive known of agencies providing this kind of work for companies translating from English to French,but not Czech.Type of thing would be that she would receive a peice of work say couple of pages and then translate for the company send it back via email and receive payment.My woman has almost completed her masters in English ,so she's more than up to the job.
  2. Karel

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    Hi hyposmurf,

    I gather that they will have her tested first (regardless of any diploma or certificate previously acquired), and then decide whether or not she up to the job according to their requirements, which I know nothing about. The company in question is said to be the largest in the Czech Republic, and provide the public with loads of language services. I am quite positive that your lady will even make use of her French. Good luck!

    Hope this is of interest

  3. hyposmurf

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    Do you know of any in England?

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