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  1. david herter

    david herter New Member

    I'm a writer currently working on a short story set in Prague (I spent about a month in CZ in January).
    I need translations of the following:
    1) The closest Czech word to "beloved" (which could be used as a signature at the end of a letter, ie "your beloved").
    2) the word for "stage door" as in a theater.
    3) the word for "cellar", especially pertaining to those deep cellars of Prague.
    3) A translation of this, as close as possible: "To the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II/From under the waters in time and tide".

    many thanks,
    David Herter
  2. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    This should be "milovaný".
    Tvůj milovaný synovec - Your beloved nephew.

    If you translate "your", you have to choose betwen "Tvůj" and "Váš".

    Cellar (under a house) - sklep.
    Deep, large cellar - sklepení.
    Cellars where mummies are kept - katakomby.

    The first part would be "Rudolfu II., císaři Svaté říše Římské." The rest I do not understand - could you provide some context and/or explanation in English?
  3. david herter

    david herter New Member

    Halef --
    Thank you for your help.
    For that last part, "From under the waters in time and tide", I was trying to say something like "From underneath the <sea or river waters> <in or throughout> time and tide". It is intended to be a poetic inscription on a piece of jewelry.

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