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    We will be travelling with 13 month old baby for the first time in September 2013 from America. Baby has never met his grandparents in the Czech Republic. I have concerns on safety guidelines/ carseats. Will he be required to be in carseat from our commute from airport to metro to bus station (there is a 2.5 hour busride from Prague to Dvur Kralove) Are babies required to be in car seats on bus? Are there seat belts on buses to secure car seat? Should we bring the carseat?
    If he should travel by car, what are the rules for carseats? Are there any rules for babies on metro for safety? (Can he ride in metro unsecured or in stroller should he be in carseat?)
    Any other advice that might be helpful for travelling with baby?
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    Hi Julia,

    I researched taxi transfers a couple of years ago and was told by a large Prague taxi company and several taxi drivers that car seats are not required on short taxi transfers, such as to/from the airport or around town. I don't know if the regulations have changed but I doubt it. We always prefer to have car seats for our children's safety, even for short distances, so we've been using a taxi driver who always provides them. You can request a car seat from a taxi company if you wish and they should be able to accommodate you (probably for an extra charge), especially if you arrange it with them in advance.

    On the metro, you can hand-carry your baby in a car seat or you can have him in a stroller or simply hold him in your arms if you don't have either. If the metro is full, you'll almost certainly be offered a seat if you carry a baby in your arms.

    Czech buses are almost never equipped with seat belts and I've never seen a car seat used on a bus. You'll probably have to have your baby on your lap for the bus ride.

    If you're going to drive from Prague to Dvůr Králové, you'll be required by law to have your baby securely fastened in a car seat. If you rent a car, the rental company may be able to provide one, but you'd have to check on that.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I know it will be a big trip for you!


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