Tribal Fusion Dance Workshop for Women 22.-23.5.2010

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    Tribal Fusion Dance

    22nd – 23th May 2010

    „Tribal Fusion Dance“ based on Persian dance, flamenco and tai-chi, is a manifestation of a powerful and unbridled femininity. It is a way how to bring awareness into the female body, revive it and turn into a balanced whole. Inner strength, that will fill the smallest part of the body during this dance, causes an unexpected experience of the self. You will experience the body as interconnected, coordinated, relaxed within movement and with increased sensitivity. This dance encompasses the way of radiating and opening up to your surroundings, clear intention, perception and management of energy, to nourish and brighten up the body.

    Dedicated to all women. You do not need to know anything in advance and yet you will learn exactly how to express your feminine essence.

    Yracema (Sweden)

    Yracema is of Latin American origin (Uruguay). Her art of dance is something that you can not see every day. Grandeur and elegance combine in her body with animality, whilst gentle, continuous movement dynamics and perfect presence in every part of her body is literally palpable. Yracema has a gift to charm anyone who is watching her dance, she is the embodiment of the archetypal women of dance. Moreover, she has managed to develop her art to such a depth, that it allows her to pass it on with all the detail and the principles that make her expression so special. What she emanates in her classes is enough for women to absorb the essence of this dance and enjoy it. She developed her Tribal Fusion Style based on lifelong experiences in Latin and ethnic dances and energy excercise learnings. It's the perfect fusion of one's body with the environment and music.

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