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  1. scrimshaw

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    Dalsi otazka o slovesech.

    Aspects-got it--easy to ssay exactly what I want with this system.

    Verbs without an aspectual pair however---
    In order to form the future, with these verbs you have to use budu,budes.......etc?

    bubnovat---no partner verb
    In order to say I will drum, I would say ...
    Budu bubnovat

    Zitra budu bubnovat na ulice s nejakymi kamarady.
    Bubnoval jsem vcera cely den?--I was drumming yesterday the whole day.
    Bubnuju ted--I am drumming now

    Is this a pattern I will always find with verbs that have no aspectual pair?

    Ptal jsem tady na tom forum podobny veci, ale myslim si, ze na touhle temu jsem takova popleta. :roll:
    Dekuju vam predem za pomoc
  2. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Yes, that's correct conjugation of verb "bubnovat" but I think there's no dependence on existence of aspectual partner. The construction "future auxilary (of verb "to be") + infinitive" is used for imperfective verbs and the construction without auxilary verb is used for perfective verbs.

    And BTW, we have aspectual partners for "bubnovat" created by adding a prefix, e.g. zabubnovat, dobubnovat, vybubnovat...

    And a little correction:

    na ulici

    Ptal jsem se tady na tomto fóru (we've special declension for words of Latin/Greek origin) na (because we say "ptát se na něco") podobné (suffix -ý is colloquial) věci, ale myslím si, že...

    ...že na toto téma (again word of Latin/Greek origin, what a hard luck) jsem takový (because you're male, correct?) popleta.

    I know what this last clause means but for Czechs it's very strange construction.
  3. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Dekuju wer.
    To je zajimave. Porad se tu ucim neco noveho.
    Nevedel jsem nic o tech "latin" slovymi.

    Nikdy vsechno nebudu rozumet, ale to nevadi. Pro me je ale zabave tak se to snazit zvladnout dal.
    Tak jsem neustale rad, kdyz nekoho se mi rozhodi ozvat. :D
    ptam se na neco---oy- jsem hloupy. Samozrejme to je pripad.

    Porad se musim na me zasmat, protoze delam tak mnoho chyb.
  4. dzurisova

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  5. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks for that link dzurisovak. That is very helpful.
    The page ubder 10 commandments of aspects gave me a bit of new information about a subject I could never quite grasp.
    The verbs that necessarily use budu, budes... to form future are verbs describing states of being.
    Aspectual pairs are for actions.
    Otherwise budu, budes...can be used to form future tense of any imperfective verb.

    Budu ji milovat az dlouho ziju.
    Budu to moct udelat zitra.
    Budu se to muset naucit zitra.
    Budu se mi s ni mozna chtit sejit zitra, ale ne dnes.(this might be awkward)
    Doufam, ze se budu citit lip zitra.
    Budu tu cely den.

    Here is a list of verbs of states of being I can come up with
    to be
    to feel
    to want
    can,to be able
    to love--if this is a state can we then say all verbs of feelings are state verbs?
    Budu ho nenavidet zitra jestli mi nevrati penezenku.

    Can anyone else please list other vcerbs of states for me?

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