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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by bigmarko, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. bigmarko

    bigmarko New Member

    could anyone let me know if the u flecku bar is ok for a good night out in february 12 of us are coming over for some good beer, 7 lads and 5 girls
  2. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    VERY pricey, only dark beer and mostly German tourists. Just around the corner is u medviku, a better option
  3. Karel Fous

    Karel Fous Well-Known Member

    KJP is right about very high prices U Fleků, but the beer is unique :!: , the brewery is at same house from 15.century and whole production is drinked in own pub U Fleků. You can'ť drink it at another place at Praha or world.
    If my informations are good, a pint cost 70 crown :shock: . We count beer for 50 crowns as damn expensive. Good price is about 25 - 35 crowns per pinta, however you could find lower price :D .
  4. Tulak

    Tulak New Member

    :shock: As KJP said, it's expensive, but so are meny other unique things.
    One should experience being in a pub that operates under that name over 500 years, no matter what it cost. The service is great and they offer schnapps going around.
    >>>Founded in 1499 in an ancient building, the "house" is a complex of rooms, each with it's own individual style and identity: Ancient Czech Hall, Large Lounge, Travelling-case, Academy, Knight Hall, Sausage, Vaclav's Room and Hop-garden, in which the famous cabaret is performed.<<<
    If you buy some memorabilia, the total cost of your visit will cost you. :? But hey, did you ever visited Disneyland and complain about the prices?
    Nearby is an other, new place, that server nice lager and have a similar atmosphere for a lot less money. But it's not 500 years old.
    It would be like visiting Prague and not going to Hradcany.

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  5. Hogan

    Hogan Member

    :D :roll: I like when the waiters try to force that Becherovka down your neck. The last time I was there the guy told me that he would be offended if i didnt, as it was traditional! :x Ha! He was like a dog with a bone. I was not be to be swayed though. The first time I went there many years ago though, i assumed they were free and drank them like they were going out of fashion . D'oh!
  6. Hogan

    Hogan Member

    Having said that it IS worth a visit though even if just once. Pricey yes, but hey, you'd have to be pretty mean hearted not to enjoy it just a little. To be honest the uproarious german tourists kind of made it for me!

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