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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Tub, Jan 3, 2005.

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    I'll be travelling from Vienna to Brno in February. I've read that there are two buses a day, one in the morning and another one in the evening. Does anyone know the name of the bus company/companies? I think I'd need that to find the schedule:)


    PS - maybe going off-topic here but does anyone know a nice hostel in Vienna? :eek:
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    Here's a link to several non-stop bus and train connections from Vienna ("Vídeň" in Czech) to Brno on Feb. 3 (don't know which day you are going). You should check the schedules on the day you're going, of course, as the schedules do change from day to day.
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  4. Tub

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    Thanks! :)

    I am going on the third, actually

    One of the buses arrive at Brno Uan Zvonarka, is that close to the city centre?
  5. Tub

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    Found it on a map. It looks like it's pretty close..
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    Links to stop working after a while. You have to search for connections manually.

    There are several EuroCity trains during the day (1h 40), two buses in the evening and one in the morning (2h 30 or 3h).

    Zvonařka is quite close to the centre, there is just a little problem with diggers and mud all around now (reconstruction of some buildings there).
    Just go with the crowd, you will get to the train station, which is where the centre begins.
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    You can get a bus from outside the terminal to Vienna Sudbahnhof station every half huor 6 euros. Express trai to Brno run in 1hr 45ish for about 18 euro. Just did it in reverse and it worked well....

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