Visa rules changed.

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    A friend of ours from the Czech republic just came in last night. We got some of our "czech only" products while some are in a missing piece of luggage. The luggage made it to the United States fine but the hop from New York to Cleveland it didn't. With our present requirements that all luggage with a passanger makes it ont he plane with the passanger this seemed odd to me untill our friend told us what the suitcase looked like. It was an old one that no one in their right mind would keep, really roungh looking. Due to uncertainty as to if it would make it in one piece it was wrapped with plastic to isure that it would make the trip sealed. No strange event that it's missing now given the state of paranioa in the United States over terrorism. We're told it should be here later today, albeit with stuff missing, I'm sure.

    That wasn't the end of our friends delima coming over. It seems the United States has also changed the visa requirements as well on Oct. 24, 2004. When our friend got to the New York airport they looked at her passport and visa and promptly crossed out and voided her visa which was still valid untill the summer next year. It seems our dear wonderful country is requiring machine readable type visas now for entry into the United States. It basically entails the same proceedures to getting a visa before but now you also have to present a 2x2 picture and a finger scan to the embassy for the Department of Homeland Security(Paranioa) to check you out and see if you are clear to visit.

    My advice to yall coming over. Get started and get started early if you want a visa to enter the USA. It's said to take longer now to get the new visa that is required. After all of that biometric (RFID) passports will eventually be required as well in a few years. Given the lack of security for the RFID I don't want one. They are flawed in such a way that an identity theif could easily steal the information without even taking your wallet. God Bless America.


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