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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by digitaliz, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. digitaliz

    digitaliz Active Member

    Hi everyone!

    I've begun making an on-line vocabulary trainer. If you're curious, you can try it out here:


    Ideas and suggestions for changes or new features are welcome.
  2. Local Lingo

    Local Lingo Active Member

    Hi digitaliz,

    Have you been to our website at www.locallingo.com ? It's a site that helps people learn Czech. It has information on pronunciation and grammar, as well as a phrasebook and a section with tests and exercises that focus on practicing translation, listening, comprehension and vocabulary. We have plans to add more exercises including flash cards and always appreciate our visitors' feedback and ideas.

  3. digitaliz

    digitaliz Active Member

    Yes, I have. I find it very useful. [​IMG]

    I'd be happy to help out with the flash cards part, if you should find my scripts useful. Most importantly, my scripts allows users to create their own dictionaries, that they can share with other users.

    BTW, the tests and exercises section on local lingo could be improved a little. It would be nice if you could have your answers checked automatically.
  4. Tony P

    Tony P Member

    I like your trainer. I have two dotazy. I can only seem to produce dictionaries of ten words. Any smaller and I get blank entries during testing and I can't produce anything bigger. It must be possible because your numbers dictionary has fifty entries.
  5. digitaliz

    digitaliz Active Member

    Thanks for the bug report. [​IMG] I'll look into it and fix it ASAP.

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