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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Markos, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Markos

    Markos New Member

    Hi, I recently heard about an excellent Czech film that was voted as the best foreign film of 2003. I think it has to do with the Nazi occupation of Czechslovakia during World War II. Might anybody know of which film I'm talking about? Thank you in advance!:)

  2. Markos

    Markos New Member

    Whoops! I just found the info on this website...sorry about that. Can anyone tell me if they have seen it before? Is the movie available to rent in the United States? Thanks again!

  3. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi Markos,

    The Oscar ceremony hasn't been held yet (scheduled for Feb. 29), so the winner is not known. ┼Żelary is one of the five foreign films nominated this year. I've seen it and liked it a lot. I don't think it's available in the U.S. yet but from what I hear, it should be coming to selected theaters soon and will probably end up being released on VHS/DVD. That seems to be the trend with Czech movies that have received an Oscar nomination or award.

  4. DireWolf

    DireWolf New Member

    I know this thread is old - but....

    I haven't heard of this movie - but I rent most of the foreign films from the video store and have seen two other films which are available that may be of interest....

    1. Divided We Fall (nominated Best Foreign Language Film 2001)
    2. Dark Blue World (also 2001)


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