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    I'm an american student in Germany. I would like to buy some bike tools. I want to know if I can buy tools in another country for cheaper. Someone suggested the Czech Republic. If anyone has any contacts or suggestions that would be great:

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    Must have:

    cone wrenches 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
    chain whips
    chain tool (Chain breaker)
    BB lock ring tool (Hook wrench)
    spoke wrench 3.23mm (0.127-in), 3.30mm (0.130-in)
    BB pin tool (Adj cup tool)
    pedal wrench
    Headset wrench 32mm
    chainring bolt wrench
    Shimano cassette tool
    tire levers
    suntour four-prong tool
    Crank puller
    cable cutters

    Will buy if I can afford:

    Fork crown Race milling tool
    Head tube milling tool
    steerer threading tool 1-in x 24 tpi
    Headset press tools
    fixed cup remover
    honkin' big adjustable wrench

    Bike parts:

    R. derailleur, long-cage (to replace Shimano SIS Deore)
    chain, 7-speed
    tubes, presta, 26x1.5, 700cx30
    brake cables
    derailleur cables
    alloy headset, 1-inch threaded steerer
    BB (Shimano Deore triple, 68-122.5 ISO)
    Toe clips


    Here is a link to translations of bicycle parts. Unfortunately it doesn't have Czech.

    http://www.parktool.com/documents/Bicyc ... uage_5.xls

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