We need more Czechs living in Czech Republic

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by magan, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    I find that there is more foreigners on this Board than Czechs living in Czech Republic. It shows in reactions to questions as many of us are Czechs living in other countries. Would it be possible for some of our members who have time to search and find some local Czech discussion boards to invite Czechs to join us here?
  2. jtstuff

    jtstuff New Member

    As a Canadian living in the US as a resident I can understand your desire to connect with those of your own nationality. Every Canada day (July 1st) I go ice skating with some of my Canadian friends here in Texas! (they have indoor rinks). This seems to be the irony of our global village.

    Anyhow... I just want to say thanks to all the Czechs on this message board who assist the rest of us with our questions. I hope we haven't over run your site.... and I hope more Czechs use this message board...

    I am so looking forward to my first visit to the Republic this summer.

  3. Rikitan

    Rikitan Member

    Hi all,

    do not worry, there are maybe more Czech people on this web than you think :) I know 7 Czech friends who visit this web regularly. I think this pages are very useful for both nationalities. If you have any guestion from the Czech language, you can ask me !

  4. Hi!
    I agree.. there are really many Czechs who visit this site regularly. But if they are as lazy as me... well.. then you don' t hear much of them...Anyway...I' m still alive and follow the boards. The fact is that I' m in the US for the summer and have no time to go online every day.
  5. palko

    palko Member

    im part cherokee and a lot of indians get mad when a lot of people want to be indian or say theyre part indian

    a lot of people just want the indian czech

    im mainly swedish and british

    are computers cheap in cz?i get the feeling the econonmy isnt as good as in usa where i get free computers and stuff or for 10 dollars at goodwill store

    well have a nice day
  6. gstegall

    gstegall New Member

    I, too, was wondering if the forum had any Czechs (living in Czechoslovakia)! I thought perhaps that the average person there did not have a computer or computer availability. Does anyone know how common household computers are? Are they available in the libraries or schools?

    I visited Prague two years ago. Fantastic!! ....But the economy still looked depressed. Someone told us the average wage was about $300 (American) a month.

    I love reading the postings in this forum. I was born in Prague and we came to the US when I was young, but now that my parents are both gone, I find myself drawn back to my home country. Hello to all of you....
  7. ts

    ts Active Member

    Computers are pretty common, but the internet connection is too expensive.
    It's about 766 as of now.
  8. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    No more Czechoslovakia, sorry.

    As ts said, computers are quite common. I think most schoolchildren might now have (access to) one, at least some old Pentium-class machine.

    Internet connection is quite expensive and the top-technologies are not widely available, but this is mostly due to our monopoly Telecom, and it is now getting better with all that wireless stuff.

    According to my sources, the averagy salary in first quarter of 2004 was 16 722 CZK, which is now something over 700 USD. A month.
    It was 15 857 in 2002, I do not remember the rate of USD in that time, but most likely "someone" was wrong - the long-term rate is between 25 and 35 CZK per dollar, so 300 USD might have been about 10 000 CZK in that time.

    Be cautious, this is the "arithmetical average" - most people get less money - a thousand or two less, I guess, might be the mode salary.
  9. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    I joined because I am interested in things to do with the Czech culture ect, and to learn. I am English and from the UK, and find this site a wealth of knowledge. Other nationalities, with or without connections to CR can learn about the country and culture from people from that country, it is very helpful, especially if people are planning to travel there.

    In my case it is interesting learning about differing cultures! Although I know what you mean, I think there are far more CR members residing in CR than you think. They are possibly just not divulging their location in their profiles.
  10. LucieK

    LucieK New Member

    Why are not so many Czechs living in the Czech Republic joining this chat? They are enjoying their life instead of sitting in front of the computers. They invest more time into family and friends. Currently, I am living in the States, and I have hard time to find people with similar interests and free time on their hands. I wouldn't be sitting here either if I wouldn't have to work on my research paper. I would be sitting with my fellow Czechs here in the US and make smoked kolbasas.
  11. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Thats making sausages lol.
    SR :D
  12. LucieK

    LucieK New Member

    Hi Silverkinguk,

    thanks for explaining what I meant. I didn't realize that outside of the US where is mostly used the word Kolbasa people wouldn't understand what I wrote.

    So here is the correction: klobasa in Czech, kolbasa in American English, sausage in English.

  13. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Thats fine.I like czech sausages actually the cajbasa brand is very good,devil hot!
    Make sure you got enough water to drink after :) .Good with some rohliks!

    SR :D
  14. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    Čabajská klobása, or shortly čabajka. It is actually a Hungarian speciality. Don't drink water, it just gets worse :) Rohlíks are good idea.
  15. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Ya thats the one yummy!
    Yea rohliks! Those sausages steam up in the oven lol don't keep it in too long.Smoke everywhere thought the flat was on fire lol.

    SR :D
  16. iluvuma1

    iluvuma1 Well-Known Member


    I've heard that horse sausage is a delicacy in the CR. Is this true? Or is it more of a east Bohemian (my fiance is from Dvur Kralove) treat?
  17. babicka

    babicka Well-Known Member

    Why not advertise this site in some of the Czech newspapers, on local radio and/or leave notices pinned up about this site in places that people frequent often like a library etc.?
  18. uuspoiss

    uuspoiss Well-Known Member

    According to CSU (the statistical office in CR), in Q3 of 2004 it was Kc 17,738 which should be about $US 780. Sure enough, as this is simply the statistical average, you can probably find differences in different specialities, regions etc.
  19. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    You cannot simply compare CR average income to income in the country you are living in. You would also have to compare living expenses, i.e. rent, food, transportation and other. As this is rather difficult, information regarding average salary in CR is rather meaningful for someone who is not Czech living in CR.
  20. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    You cannot simply compare CR average income to income in the country you are living in.

    You would also have to compare living expenses, i.e. rent, food, transportation and other. As this is rather difficult, information regarding average salary in CR is rather meaningless for someone who is not Czech living in CR

    .....unless it makes you feel better thinking you are making more (don't forget you have to spend more too!!).

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