We want to see a hockey game.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by bobbiejo1104, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. bobbiejo1104

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    My friend and I will be traveling to Prague in mid-November and would love to see a hockey game while visiting. I have searched the internet unsuccessfully (I can only find the current World Cup Hockey schedule). Does anyone know if hockey is played in or near Prague in November and, if so, where I might find information about the schedule and obtaining tickets?

    Bobbie Jo
  2. utopenec

    utopenec New Member

  3. bobbiejo1104

    bobbiejo1104 Member

    Thank you for the link to the schedule. I can almost figure it out :)

    Which of Slavia and Sparta would you recommend as the best to see, or are they both so great/exciting to watch that either will be good.

    Bobbie Jo
  4. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    They are both good. From the schedule, I strongly recommend the match on 19.11. - Slavia (2003 champion) vs Zlín (2004 champion). And it is played in the Sazka arena, the only "NHL - class" stadium in the country (well, Pardubice also have a good one).

    Of course, only visit the match if you don't mind the home team losing :) (yes, I am a Zlín fan).
  5. chazzauk

    chazzauk Active Member

    sazka stadium is easy to get to, right near the cseskomoravska metro stop on metro line B.

    Unluckily the game that was on when i was tehre was sold out so couldnt go. hope you enjoy the hockey.
  6. utopenec

    utopenec New Member

    I agree to Halef, could be a good game. But for the out come u ´d better put your crowns on the home team. Sazka stadium is also really great.
    Have a good game.
  7. bobbiejo1104

    bobbiejo1104 Member

    Thank you all for your information. I have been to the http://www.sazkaticket.cz site to find the ticket information I need and we will be very excited to watch the game. Does the arena normally fill to capacity?

    Bobbie Jo

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