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    I would like to know the best time to go to the Czech Republic to get reasonable good weather. I know that the better the weather, the higher the rates (and the more tourists) so I guess I basically want to know the best time to go to balance the two.

    Also, can anyone pass on some information of obtaining inexpensive flights. Are any airlines, routes, less expensive than others. What options should I explore?

    Many thanks for your input.
  2. Dana

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    The busiest months are July and August, when you meet lots of tourists, have the best chances for warm weather, and find higher prices. A good time to go is May, June, and September when the weather can be very pleasant, prices tend to be lower than in the middle of summer, and there are fewer tourists. May can be especially beautiful since a lot of trees are in bloom then. April is notorious for its unpredictable weather when periods of sunshine are often interrupted by snow blizzards. October is usually on the cold side but can be very charming since the autumn colors are at their best. November through February/March are cold months with mostly freezing temperatures and short days - not very comfortable for travel. Still, there are some positive things about visiting the Czech Republic in winter. The weather just isn't one of them.

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