What do you think about Chernobyl?

Discussion in 'Central & Eastern Europe' started by Alexx, Nov 22, 2007.

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    T'd love to see that radioactive forest in Pripyat!
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    Chernobyl happened what now seems a long time ago. It happened in a place that, because of the Cold War, the people were supposed to be our "enemies". That didn't matter.
    I remember friends weeping over the loss of life and marveling over the bravery and self-sacrifice of the people who worked to stop the disaster. We all knew, despite assurances from government agencies, that any of us, anywhere, were only one slip away from the same fate.
    I hope the area is rebounding and, even though it may be difficult, its future is bright.
    Thanks for the link to the article, I understood some of it and the graphics reminded me of just how vast the impact was.
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    I can even add link to my own blog I wrote after I came back from that area:

    http://ukrajina2007.blog.cz (click at "Deník cesty" = Log of journey and than "Pokračování" = continue)


    I am sorry it is czech-only, maybe if I have more time...

    EDIT: blog.cz has some problems now, so the blog is running slowly. Sorry about it
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    Just as an aside to this thread the aftermath in human terms will last for decades yet. As a family in England we have been members of The Chenobyl Children's lifeline for several years and have had the privilege to be a host family on several occasions to children from Belarus affected by the pollution caused by the Chenobyl incident.

    Many of these remarkable and beautiful children suffer from thyroid cancer, bone cancer and leukaemia caused directly or indirectly by the fallout. If you wish to find out more about the charity here are a couple of links....



    http://www.chernobylchildlifeline.org/s ... asp?id=138[/url]

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