What is it that intrigues foreigners about CZ women?

Discussion in 'Culture' started by caulfield2, Oct 10, 2006.

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    I'm not sure who that last post was directed towards.

    I would say there are probably more women in the USA than any other country fixated with wealth and gold-digging, it's our national hobby.

    The difference is many do it by "marrying rich." While prostitution is illegal in the US, there's a thin line between "taking care of someone" (buying them jewelry, cars, clothing, vacations) and paying them directly for sex. People might talk themselves into believing that it's "love" but it's more about economic security, stability and protection.

    Any country where this is poverty, these desires for wealth will be exacerbated and the desire to get ahead by any means necessary will be even more evident.
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    Agree with you there mate.

    As for what Rommie was saying about us all being immigrants... it's true. In America, after you've known someone for a maybe a few minutes, or a few days, you always ask them "what are you???" This question, when asked to Europeans, they simply say "I am Czech" and that is it. If you asked me, I would say that I am "French (Creol), German, English, Irish, Scottish, Cherokee, and Apache (two native American tribes. I'm 1/8th) and 100% American.

    This probably comes from the fact that Americans used to associate by their previous nationality and their religion or race. Also, knowing one's lineage gives a certain feeling of birthright and claim to the new nation. Funny that. Now, most of us an enormous blend and many pride themselves on their diversity.
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    Point taken about domestic abuse and women's general suffering under men--

    I think there is, however a fundamental difference between this social dysfunction and crime of spousal abuse (more of a behavioral, addictive antisocial behavior that I doubt victimizers would be generally proud of) and the sort of organized crime mentioned.

    The reference is not spousal abuse, and spousal abuse does not necessarily beget crime (or are you saying this is all some massive gender-revenge scheme, and that there are hoards of hostile blond nymphettes cavorting in bat-caves organizing a generalized takeover of men's assets in abuse of their mark's tenderest feelings?)

    It is one thing to be involved with shady dealings in crime, guns, narcotics, Russian caviar, or sleazy porno trafficers, it would be taken for granted that these are unsavory people. If one's pleasure is illicit trade or pyramid schemes, I don't have sympathy for suckers getting scammed. Serves 'em right for being selfish sociopaths!

    But truly scary is the Confidence scheme, or any sort of con, especially ones that prey upon people's sympathies, and especially ones that prey upon people's love. That for me is seriously deranged and malicious. Even in Ocean's 12 the protagonists wouldn't theive from the non-criminal (too many movies I suppose)

    Though violent criminals are infinitely worse, at least you might know what's coming. These barely-illegal 'hookers on steroids' are worse criminals in some ways than your average gangsters who generally do business with other criminals anyway.

    No I do not foregive! I don't care the abuse suffered, I'll deal with separatist lesbians and their hostility, that I can comprehend, and expect, as with hostility from blacks-- it would be naive to imagine hostility weren't there. But these Ukranian wenches are of course not doing this out of revenge for abuse, right? They're just culturally corrupt, genuine bad seeds, you'd need to completely retrain such a person to have scruples, or they should be pulled out of society, at least watched like dangerous canines!!

    With some people forgiveness is just being soft. These people have to behave, and need to be busted, each and every one, and brought down, purged from love-lives of decent honest people.

    " You´ve got all the bad DNA as we do "OK, there is a major topic that European's don't seem to jive with-- when one speaks of differences, these are purely cultural differences-- there are no genetic differences, the variance finally proven by the genome project to be negligable (Alena the biochemist might footnote).

    This is a profoundly different thing than saying national or ethnic idiosyncrasies or behavioral tendencies are in any way innate. They are entirely learned, as we gratefully now know for certain (and probably always did, in our hearts-- doesn't this make all the separatist Serbs and Nazi's feel like complete fools??) However one could say that early formative training does change the brain to a degree-- hence my conjecture that "once a racist, always a racist".

    We just don't have this ethnically based nationalistic genetic view in NYC, (everybody deals with everybody else, and many love that exciting international cultural microcosm-- immigrants just better get over it by the third generation-- I've about had it with hyphenated-americans!!) At least we are far less fooled by racialistic views of humanity than Eu, Asia and Africa where people still live in these ancient pure-bred gangs of maurauding Huns, and try to exterminate eachother.

    Besides, any dog-lover knows mutts are better! It was not a good evolutionary tack for humans to become too specialized in tribes, all these ethnic differences are just really the result of accidental inbreeding, with any bad physical traits becoming concentrated on an evolutionary scale (such as we whites being the first to get melanoma, etc.).
    The more pure the 'breed' the more daft the animal (so-called arayans being case in point).

    Women, however are a universal common human denominator, and as women in the East emerge all at once from the age old stereotypes of powerless pawn to rightful independent 50% of humanity, it is interesting to find out the true nature of this fascinating species... For sure women and men are not the same genetically, in fact the two genders are really the only genuine genetically based 'ethnic types' we have-- and it's a big, big, big one! I love women, they are in my mind generally far better humans, to a degree, as we see! (sme may however maintain they could use some domestication... :wink:

    Sugar & Spice ain't anything like we pictured it, fellas!
    Despite their nurturing biology, the concept that women are profoundly more compassionate by nature is still subject to question... I'm all aflutter to know how it finally comes out, now that we finally put the racial question to bed after all that (thank goddess for that!)

    We're seeing the true nature of the species unfold before us, as all customs and traditions are explosively shed in these few years across developing lands (which East EU seems to sorta be), as everyone races to throw off the yoke of provincial survival, and rushes out to acquire enough cash to have all these petroleum-intensive 'good things' in life-- It's all happening right before our eyes-- what the formerly repressed half the world's people are truly like, given independence and opportunity.

    I can't stand imagining women to be generally sheisters, even as sheistered as we sensitive men categorically are, I still love women, and still imagine there remains one good wise, calm, virtuous partner who won't grow another head (or third head as the case may be), and turn on you out of the blue, or shake you down for money and real-estate.

    I just can't stand American women any more, any of them, they are in my experience generally psychologically diseased with this hypnosis here, culturally speaking, American women are entirely too far gone, hypnotized, blotto, difficult, impossible to please, misguided and unsettled, unhappy, dissatisfied and manipulative people, at least in this time.

    (times, however, are a-changin, we'll know more in another generation or so if this all irons itself out, maybe the humanistic pendulum swings back someday to normal, loving, committed relationships, and fashion dictates an emphasis on being devoted loving people, but at this time in the sexual revolution in America, it just ain't the case)

    Do there still exist women anywhere who believe in love and purity and truth, and who aren't in acquisition/independence/revenge mode??
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    Yes, in Moulin Rouge...lol...since you seem to like movie analogies, and Nicholas Sparks novels.
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    There's a very simple answer to your question.

    Move to Slovakia or Hungary.

    Tell every woman you meet that you're a teacher, but that you have no savings or assets and that you are never going back to the United States again.

    Tell them that you are estranged from your family.

    Then we will see how many people "love" you out of the purest of motivations. Heck, some would argue that being "vulnerable" in that case would be attractive to some co-dependent women!

    You still might find a woman that wanted to have a child with you so her child would have US citizenship rights conferred, paving the way for her to eventually be able to leave as well...

    For instance, how does a celebrity (think Paul McCartney) ever know if someone loves them for who they are? How would it be possible? Only if they started the relationship before the fame arrived I guess...but a majority of men seeking foreign brides ask them to sign pre-nuptial agreements, which usually don't stand up in court (on the grounds the woman is a foreigner and didn't understand the document in a second language). Obviously, many men are wary of true love existing in these situations as well?
  7. Natureboy

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    Somehow I felt bad for Paul and Heather it seemed like such a pure thing... they were so happy and blessed. So I guess there's your proof in the putting--

    I have but one word for all of that: PRENUP! (She doesn't like that then she definitely want's your money-- reason to run like hell)!

    Maybe thing to do is give up all holdings in the US, become Czech, buy a castle in beautiful Bohemia (with a circular driveway), and just keep tryin' em on for size? An attractive fantasy, cynical as it is...

    Love and marriage has degraded to such a degree it's not just a battlefield, it's Road Warrior!

    I say all creatve romantic idealists unite (those 6 or 7 of us left across the globe, hope at least a few are women...), come live in my Bohemian castle and celebrate humanity and creativity and love... All you serious Czech career-women out there, how about chilling out and having fun and bucking the system a bit??

    Any life left in that culture, or is it only rats and the rat-race left in this new Mittel-European soul? Is this really the culture that birthed Dvorak-- schmaltz, style, and romance, or is it just stiletto-heeled hookers flocking to some deafening Eurotrash techno-club-scene in hopes of hooking a future... (and when is techno-house just going to just shrivel up and die any way! Time for musicians to play music again!)

    (what a sap, eh?)
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    So basically, you want the castle from XXX, lol?

    You can't have prenuptial agreements and "true love" at the same time, can you? Paul McCartney has basically said the same, and he will lose around $400 million dollars.

    If you bring all your American assets to another country, then you might still be "rich," especially if you live that type of lifestyle. Top that off with being an American during an unpopular war, you're abroad...you're going to be a target for kidnapping and extortion. You might need to spend all your money on bodyguards and armor-plated vehicles.

    Wouldn't it be better to "pretend" not to be rich, find someone who likes you for you, then surprise her gradually with your wealth as you grow to trust her?

    All the hookers and porn stars we're talking about, they would gravitate right in the direction of your castle...is that what you would desire? You can always find beautiful women attracted to wealth, but beautiful women inside and out, that's harder to find. They're obviously not going to be fighting with the "bad girls" for your attention!

    I'm sure the Czechs would say the same...the country of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, of Edison and Einstein's achievements...or the country of Happy Meals, superficiality (Hollywood or models), rap music, bad taste in clothing, lack of freedoms (Patriot Act) and imperialism?
  9. Natureboy

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    Correct again Caulfield-- how right you are-- I DEFINITELY will consult you before acquiring anything in the CR, especially a spouse!

    Kidnapping in the CzR? Jeez, you'd think it was Istanbul from The Net 2.0... (another reason people must hate Americans, we learn everything from bad Hollywood movies-- Half of them think Vlad the Impaler is alive and well and living in Argentina! but then, one never knows...)

    I still definitely want that castle from Triple-X! (but then If I recall, didn't the original owners have to 'move out' in that flick?) Maybe I should stick to my mountain-top lot for the manse-- Ironically Vin Deisel just last year bought the acreage opposite-- maybe even he's opting for safety from the great scurge of opportunistic gorgeous Eastern women... (little does he know about our mutant deer-ticks...)

    I had an Uncle, expat in the Toscana for decades-- corrupt and charmingly lazy as the place is, they never came after him (never accepted him as Italian, though) But boy did he find lot's of young Italian women back in the day (but then 'tang was easy to come by in the 70's!-- pardon the slur)

    Suffice to say, no great throngs of Czech women have come forward to affirm nor deny our conundrum, laying their head on our laps to assure us that they are wonderful and loveable and trustworthy-- their silence is deafening (or maybe they can't after all follow my convoluted run-on English...). I for one definitely won't be cruising any EU dating sites, those places are probably 'booby' trapped with frauds!

    Cheerio, and thanks for all the advice!
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    The only one to ever find a woman is to get on a plane, if you are indeed thinking of finding a woman from outside the US.

    I don't believe in wasting time e-mailing, chatting, web-caming with someone you've never even met.

    It's a waste of time.

    If I marry again, it will be with someone I've spent at least a year living with...that's the main thing, spending time in "real situations" and not on a vacation spending American dollars at favorable exchange rates.
  11. Natureboy

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    OK, got your point there, have to man-up and get on a plane--
    But before selecting destination, back to that Columbian thing...

    May I ask what brought you there, where you went (Bogota or Cali, or Medallin-- I feel like Jose Ochoa Gacha is gonna to burst forth with his "leedle freng" like in Scarface...)

    Did you feel more or less exposed to violence, kidnapping, tourista??

    Did you find the place full of wholesome muralists and musicians, pleasantly inebriated creative Frida Khalo types painting and sipping cachaca, or did you fear for your life, the kidnappers and extortionists waiting to capture you in the night?
  12. caulfield2

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    I lived in Armenia (between Cali and Medellin in the Andes) but travelled all over the country and SA, when I wasn't teaching.

    I was drugged and robbed once, a woman that I teach with had a machete and gun to her (by four men) and had her cash, laptop and digital camera stolen. Another teacher was jumped by five men when he hit on the wrong drug dealer's wife/girlfriend.

    I have blue eyes and my Spanish pronunciation isn't great, so I kind of stuck out down there.

    I love the country and culture though...I made tons of friends, went out all the time, went horseback riding, dancing, clubbing, mountain biking, canopying.
  13. Natureboy

    Natureboy Active Member

    Canopying?? I'll have to google that one-- did you actually find any remaining old growth forest down there, did you like the Columbian country side--

    of all the countries you visited in SA, what was your favorite, which is best for expats, did you go to Venezuela, how about the Chilean Pacific coast up North (I've heard it's quite spectacular, but then there was that movie where they all ate eachother in the Andes....)

    Maybe a spot in Chile overlooking the sunset and the crashing surf-- good wine and food (and the occaisional ruthless dictator) I guess the Catholic thing with latinas is not so compulsive, is it a modern culture, did you fall in love, could you have?
  14. caulfield2

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    Maybe a spot in Chile overlooking the sunset and the crashing surf-- good wine and food (and the occaisional ruthless dictator) I guess the Catholic thing with latinas is not so compulsive, is it a modern culture, did you fall in love, could you"

    I never went to Venezuela because it's not the best place for gringos right now with Chavez in power, but my ex lives there now.

    The Pacific Coast is not that beautiful, Lima (Peru) is actually pretty ugly. The best beaches are Santa Marta, Cartagena and San Andres, an island off the coast of Mexico.

    Chile has one of the strongest and most successful economies in South America now...but most people prefer the beauty of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.
  15. Natureboy

    Natureboy Active Member

    Do you mean: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Andr%C3%A9s,_Colombia
    OR: http://www.escazutravel.com/world/sandres.htm

    Either way I'm SO there in Feb.... thanks for the tip! Any particular beach-bungalos suggested (by PM if you please... lest the whole of Czech's single women stampede the place looking for fresh american money... Erika Marozsán of course notwithstanding, she just says the word and my soul and all my assets are hers--- )

    So, not to pry, but did your ex move to Venezuela for political reasons?
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    As an American woman who works her butt of to keep food in her belly and a roof over her head I'm seriously offended by your statement. I have been quietly reading yours and Caulfield's posts. Now I think I should post in defense of American women. Both of you say how women of other countries are pure and virtious, in one breath, then the next breath you say thier not. Which is it?
    What about American men who play the "I'll call you" game? You know the one I'm talking about. A guy asks a girl out. They go to dinner and a movie. He takes her home and tells her he'll call her. He doesn't. Guess what fellas? She doesn't wait by the phone. At least not after the first time this has been done to her. I love when the guy waits over one month to call.
    (phone rings)
    Woman: Hello
    Man: Hay
    Woman: Hello?
    Man: It's me
    Woman: Who is this (thinkin-ya freakin weirdo)
    Man: Remember, John, yeah, we met at Dylan and Taylors party. We went out last month. How come you never called me?
    Woman: I thought you were going to call me.
    Man: Oh yeah, about that....
    When a woman does something nice for a man she usually has to put up with hearing, "My ex never did this or anything nice for me. She was such b :evil: ch......I miss her." Then she doesn't hear from him for a while. About a month later he's at her door wanting a booty call. He's so sorry. He had feelings for her. But his ex called and they tried getting back together. She was such a b :evil: ch that he had to come back to the nice girl. Oh please, wah :cry: wah :cry: wah :cry: . Many women do fall for this crap. This is what PMS is really about. It has nothing to do with biological it is purely emotional. It's a mere excuse to take problems out on other people because of how stupid their guy is.
    I would like to know what you guys define as "romance"? Personally I think it is what's ruining modern American marriages. I think we should go back to what you call "deal broker marriages". You guys seem to think the other way around. Too many people have these wonderful whirlwind courtships and think that marriage is supposed to be a whirlwind dancing on clouds. Then reality hits-the bills, poopy diapers, appliances break down, etc.
    Up until the 1950's people didn't get married because he loves her or she loves him. These things were secondary, if not the 10th priorty. A man would choose an average looking hourglass woman was good at cooking, cleaning, decorating and sewing as opposed to a woman who was thin, pretty, big hair, lots of make- up, long fingernails who couldn't do domestic work even if she wanted to. A woman would choose a man who was average looking with big muscles who was good at fixing cars or horses depending on the era, work the fields (granted not too many farmers anymore), repair furniture in the home, fix a leaky roof, mow a yard as opposed to Mr. six-pack-abs (although he's nice to look at), handsome face, dum as a post, can't tell a hammer from a wrench.
    Nowadays ya see couples glued to each other in matchy-matchy outfits, who do everythying together :roll: . That is boring to have the same life as each other. Women should have her feminine hobby and men should have thier masculine hobby.
    I am posting this so women in other countries don't get fooled by American men saying, "Poor me, American women are a bunch of overbearing Amazonian b :evil: ches who don't understand me....". Then the girls act all nice and sweet pittying him. Only to have him cheat with some overbearing woman.

    Note to Alenastef and Rommie, you both seem like gals who have morals and values. Don't change for anyone. Ya may have to work harder than the girls who "put out" for her professor or boss, but in the long run it will be worth it :D ! You will know that you got where you did because of your smarts.
  17. Natureboy

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    "AY-SUSE ME"

    Both of you say how "women of other countries are pure and virtious"
    (Guess I'm sorta finding out they're not... not that this makes the situation any better)

    "What about American men who play the "I'll call you" game?"[/i] Girlfreng, looks like you done just got some nasty mean ungracious ruffians out there-- where are ya, Texas?

    "You know the one I'm talking about. A guy asks a girl out..."
    My sympathies-- been there before (as in... as we speak!) But you are funny! :p you gotta submit this to Rosanne-- sad and messed up as it, it's a riot (gotta laugh to keep from crying...)
    would you like him better if he was respectful, or would you then think he's a wuss (tell the truth, is there not apparently something alluring about the badass)?

    "I am posting this so women in other countries don't get fooled by American men saying, "Poor me, American women are a bunch of overbearing Amazonian b !"
    But what if I LIKE smart Amazonian B :wink: tches??

    May I ask what brings you to the forum on what men find intriguing about Czech Women?

    "Live your Dreams"
    ~My :::Star:::
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  19. caulfield2

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    I don't know if it's not being mature, it's being unrealistic a lot of times.

    There are plenty of people who fall in love, the romance or passion fades, they have children to bond them together and they become best friends over time emotionally and do everything together as they age.

    It's a different kind of love for each person. For a woman, it might be the survival of the fittest...finding a man who can provide, who is intelligent and will be a good father. And it's great if he's also handsome and a good person, too. For a man, we usually tend to love for women that are attractive and sacrifice some on personality (I won't sacrifice on intelligence, though) because appearance is more important, the physical.

    Part of this, is, as alena noted, instinct, to pass on the best possible qualities of a species for survival.

    National Geographic magazine did a very good article this past year on the idea of romantic/chemical love and how it does tend to fade over time, looks almost exactly like "mental illness" in brain scans and is usually unsustainable over a long period.

    The question is, alena, do most European women feel the same way? I'm not a hopeless romantic anymore, I'm pragmatic...I do feel you need to have some form of connection to hold the relationship together, and the only way to determine this adequately is over time spent together determining if the other person has the majority of the qualities you're looking for in another.
  20. alenastef

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    I think the most Europeans (young women) still believe in love forever. It is with age, letdown and acceptance of reality that they start seeing it as it is. (mental disease etc.)

    I do agree that the scenario "They fall in love, the romance or passion fades, they have children to bond them together and they become best friends over time emotionally and do everything together as they age." is the best that can occur. But it is unfortunately quite rare...

    As everyone changes in the course of time, it is important that both change in the same direction, not opposite. And also they should know at the moment of wedding that I will change and so will he/she.

    This is my humble opinion.......

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