What kind of music do you listen to?

Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by UZ', Apr 16, 2004.

  1. UZ'

    UZ' Member

    I love Dream Theater, Phish and many other jam bands.
    My favorite czech band is Arakain <-they ROCK!!!!
  2. My Czech Republic

    My Czech Republic Administrator

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  3. UZ'

    UZ' Member

    Not too many people on this forum.
  4. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    I don't think everyone knows Czech bands. We are trying to keep the topics Czech-related.

    Some Czech bands I have enjoyed over the years are Lucie, Ivan Hlas, Lucie Bila, Yo Yo Band, and Ticha Dohoda. I saw Ivan Hlas play at a Vinobrani festival in Prague back in September and he can still get the crowd going.
  5. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    Hi UZ,

    My favourite rock band would be a Canadian band called "the tea party". Have you ever heard of them? I bought their CD in Florida in 1999, and have fallen in love with them ever since. I must say that I used to be very hot on heavy/doom/whatever metal when younger, but it`s all past history now. The Seattle grunge got me moving as well at times, but I got a bit bored after 2 years of listening to it as the music seemed to go nowhere. If you were by chance short of your artistic inspiration and needed some heavy, never-heard-before stuff, you can always tune in to the BBC and listen to what John Peel`s bottomless selection has in store. He`s exceptional.


  6. UZ'

    UZ' Member

    Thanks Karel. I just got back home from Vancouver, BC. I'm gonna ask my buddy if he's heard of them.
  7. Acheron

    Acheron Active Member

    i really enjoy listening to Black/Death/Gothic/Doom Metal music mostly from Scandinavian bands
  8. music

    music Member

    I like all kinds of music. I can enjoy opera and gansta rap in the same night. I mostly like music from traditions which are overlooked by the mainstream.

    I guess I'm an underground nut. Metal, punk, rap, electronica, classical, jazz, ethnic traditional... give me something of everything.

    My favorite genre is other followed closely by experimental instrumental.
  9. palko

    palko Member

    im also near vancouver and seattle,,i play bass a little and guitar

    what are some czeck or slovakian band web links?

    i like procul harum,brian wilson,zombies,beegeees,classical,jazz,jim pepper,welsh celtic,donovan,dylan,laura nyro,al kooper byrds ,beatles etc
  10. palko

    palko Member

    the soft machine first 2 cds are good from 1968 and 1970 about
  11. czechchris

    czechchris Well-Known Member

    Soft Machine are one of my favourites, too. I love Third, and listen to it often.

    All time favourite has to be Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.

    Czech music, I quite like Lucie, and Petr Novák. I searched Prague for Náhrobní Kámen, and finally managed to buy it a couple of years ago.
  12. palko

    palko Member

    hi i have little time can someone post some links to sites and music samples and maybe ill buy some of these cds
  13. metamorph

    metamorph Member

    Hi, Just come across this thread. This is a great site to find out about Czech music http://www.hudba.cx/jmena.htm. It has links to most Czech (and Slovak) musicians around at the moment.

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