Winter in Prague??

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by stevieg, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. stevieg

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    We were thinking of visiting Prague in the middle of February 2006 - I've been reading some weather reports stating that:

    "Czech winter lasts from December through February/mid-March. Winters are cold, cloudy and wet with freezing temperatures. The lowest temperatures (-5°C/20°F to -10°C/10°F can be expected in January and February."

    Being from the North of England I'm used to cold winters, but Prague appears pretty chilly! Is there generally a lot of snow at this time or is like England and unpredictable?

    Has anyone else visited at this time - how was it??? :?:

    This Geordie may have to finally buy a coat! :lol:
  2. Ceit

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    I visited Prague about mid-February several years ago, and if the weather is the same as then, I would recommend a coat, or at least several good layers and a hat. It was cold and a bit snowy, but the streets and sidewalks were clear. I don't remember being uncomfortable outside during the day while walking down the street, but if you spend some time just standing around I think the cold will get to you.
  3. stevieg

    stevieg New Member

    Thanks Ceit, it doesn't sound much different from good old Newcastle.

    So long as there isn't knee high snow it should be okay.

    I've heard reports of it getting as low as -10 and colder. We'll just have to find a nice cosy bar with an open fire!

    I was in Munich and Vienna in winter where people went out wrapped up, and it was safe to leave your coat hanging at the entrances of bars/restuarants, is Prague safe like this?
  4. rockinrobin

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    I was in Prague in late January 2005. It was cold and snowy but we were still able to go out every day, and I am used to very warm temperatures because I live in South Texas! There was a major snow storm that shut down the airport the day after I left, but I think people were still able to get around the city. I would go for it if I were you, Prague is beautiful no matter what.
  5. valleyman70

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    I was in Prague in mid January 2005 and whilst it was quite crisp and cold outside as long as you wrapped up warm with plenty of layers you were OK - it didn't snow which was a shame - and the coldest it got was -5c.

    However inside places was always very warm and cosy. It's lovely but take gloves and a hat !
  6. manxlass

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    we were in prague mid feb 05 and i have never been so cold in all my life.
    we have done -32 in canada which was chilly and crisp. but -3 in prague it would have froze the wotsits of a brass monkey. on our 2nd night it started snowing and by the following morning it was quite deep. the kids loved it.(1st time they had seen proper snow). i don't do hats but i bought 2 thats how cold it was. we thought it would be cool but nowhere near as cold as it was.
    you get the chill factor in newcastle of the north sea i live on the isle of man and we too are surrounded by the sea so we are quite weathered.
    enjoy your trip prague is a beautiful city lots to do and see, just take plenty of warm clothing, you can always take a layer off if you get warm.
  7. The winters in Central Europe are changing. Predictions about the weather are not anywhere near as predictable as they were. But on the whole winter is cold but relatively dry (The rainy season is late summer) Transport is hot as are all buildings. So do take a warm coat. But do NOT wrap yourself up in lots of jumpers, as you will boil whenever you get on a tram or enter a shop or Pub! My usual wear is a decent Down Jacket which undoes very easily; Shoes with thick soles and warmish socks; and always a Hat! I suffer from bad arthritis due to falling of motor bikes too many times and feel the relief to my bones when I move from Damp Northern England to Cold Czech Republic. But I was caught out earlier this year in February when it was damp, dreary but not that cold although the damp made the little cold go right through me. Not good for Arthritis victims! Will be there for Christmas, lets hope it is cold and dry with maybe some snow Prague looks wonderful in those conditions
  8. eyesmax

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    thank you all

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