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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Dome, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Dome

    Dome New Member

    Ahoj, I'm a german pupil, and I wold like to spend my 10th grade in czech republik...
    All in all this doesn't look like there are problems, but my mother thinks, it wouldn't be useful to learn czech, because of language and so on...But it's simply my biggest dream, to go there, and not to america, like everyone else does
    So: I need your help !!!I need good ( economic) reasons for to go to czech republik and not to another country...!!!

    I hate it: it's so typical for the people in western europe, there is no wall anymore, only in the peoples' heads!!!

    It would be very nice, if you could help me !!!
    Thank you !!
  2. Eleshar

    Eleshar Well-Known Member

    Well, as every other third world country, the Czech republic needs any and all help it can get from the rich West :wink:

    But you can reverse her argument... Czech is quite an exotic language in your country I think (yes, I know, we are neighbours, but ask yourself - how many people know Czech?), so you will know something quite special.

    Of course it depends on what you want to for a living.

    Moreover, I propose to transfer this topic somewhere else, for example Expat life, there could be more people able to give some advice.
  3. Eleshar

    Eleshar Well-Known Member

    You wrote me a PM where you state you would like to work in the media... and there I think the Czech could be quite useful if you specialised on the Central European area.
  4. Dome

    Dome New Member

    Yes, I think so too, but I don't think my mum does... I also told her, that school in czech republic has got higher quality.
    But the worst thing is: her boyfriend always compares czech republic with russia and bulgaria... I don't think czech people like to hear things like this...

    P.S.:I started topic in category expat life!
    I don't understand latin( I think you wrote latin last time...I decided to learn french( I'll do my first diplom next year) instead of latin...I think it's more useful ...)
  5. Ctyri koruny

    Ctyri koruny Well-Known Member

    I didn't see any Latin..

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