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Amber Trail: Mikulov - Český Těšín

MikulovDuration: 7 days / 6 nights
315 km / 196 miles
Trip rating:
Highlights: The city of Brno, Olomouc town square (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Štramberská Trúba, Macocha Abyss, Hukvaldy Castle Ruins, Plumlov Castle

This cycle route takes you South - North from the Austrian to the Polish borders and leads through South and North Moravia. The trail follows an old amber trading route - the Amber Trail - which as early as the time of the Celts, connected the Baltic region with the Mediterranean sea. Amber was one of the most valued commodities of the time. It starts in the winemaking landscape of South Moravia, with its main landmarks of the Pálava Hills, and continues through the Moravian metropolis of Brno to the Moravian Karst, under which lies the most interesting cave system in the Czech Republic. The journey takes you through the Drahan Highlands and the Haná plain to the ancient town of Olomouc and further to the Moravian gate around Helfštýn Castle, the spa town of Teplice nad Bečvou and on through historical Štramberk and Hukvaldy to the border town of Český Těšín.

  Price (based on double occupancy)  what's included 2017 Dates
  1190 EUR per person Daily from April through October
  Single supplement: 300 EUR  
  15% supplement for single travellers on a self-guided tour*  
  *The car and luggage transfers are calculated based on a minimum of two
   people. If you go solo on a self-guided tour, you will pay a 15% tour
   supplement to cover the cost of the extra person not going.


  Price (based on double occupancy)  what's included 2017 Dates
  1890 EUR per person: Group size 4-7 people June 5- 11
  1690 EUR per person: Group size 8+ people July 17 - 23
  Single supplement: 300 EUR
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Day 1: Mikulov - Brno (63 km / 35 miles)
The cycle route goes through the wine-making region of South Moravia and around the controversial dam 'Nové Mlýny' that was built during communism in the spirit of the saying "we control the wind and the rain". The Pálava Hills – a Protected Landscape Area and Biosphere Reserve, will serve as the main panorama during the trip. You will pass the town of Židlochovice with a chateau, which till the present day serves as a representative place for national meetings. Before arriving in Brno the journey goes through some less relaxed landscape around hypermarkets and mega parking lots that represent a change in social priorities.
Overnight in Brno.

Day 2: Brno - Moravský Kras (38 km / 24 miles)
The journey through Brno requires concentration and caution (Brno tries to resemble Vienna but unfortunately this is not apparent from the bike trails). The first village outside of Brno is the delightful Bílovice nad Svitavou, the location of the famous Czech opera 'Liška Bystrouška' by Leoš Janáček. At the end of this stage is the famous cave system – the Moravian Karst, a popular nature destination in the Czech Republic. Today's short ride could finish in a journey down the underground river Punkva in one of the caves along with a trip to the bottom of the deepest Czech abyss called Macocha (depth 187,5 m).
Overnight in the Moravský Kras area.

Day 3: Moravský Kras - Olomouc (69 km / 43 miles)
This part of the trip is the most demanding not only in length but also hills (550 m) due to the Drahan Hills. Our reward will be a visit to Plumlov, a small town with a dominant but unfinished Baroque castle on a rocky outcrop, and the opportunity to bathe in the cool, refreshing Plumlov Reservoir. Through Prostějov we get to Olomouc, the second most famous town for historical monuments in the Czech Republic, after Prague. A trip to the Přemysl Palace or St. Wenceslas Cathedral is an experience not to be missed as is seeing the Trinity Column on the town square, which was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Overnight in Olomouc.

Day 4: Olomouc - Teplice nad Bečvou (64 km / 40 miles)
After sightseeing around Olomouc the trail brings you along the Amber Trail to Přerov and from there straight to Lipník nad Bečvou (Jewish cemetery and synagogue). In Lipník nad Bečvou, a short trip takes you up to the imposing Helfštýn Castle, which is unique not only in terms of area but also in its rich cultural calendar, dominated by the annual meeting of artistic blacksmiths – Hefaiston, at the end of September. After the uphill journey to Helfštýn we ride on to the spa town of Teplice nad Bečvou where you can visit the Zbrašovská aragonite cave.
Overnight in Teplice nad Bečvou.

Day 5: Teplice nad Bečvou - Štramberk (40 km / 25 miles)
From the mineral rich spas of Teplice nad Bečvou, you travel on to Starý Jičín with its ancient ruins, on to Nový Jičín with its arcade and Renaissance chateau. From here you journey just a short distance to Štramberk, a small town known for its tower, part of a Gothic castle ruin. From this tower you have a beautiful view of the surroundings. You could taste the local speciality – the so-called Štramberk ears! You can also visit the museum of Zdeněk Burian – a famous painter whose paintings depict the Stone Age.
Overnight in Štramberk.

Day 6: Štramberk - Český Těšín /Cieszyn (45 km / 28 miles)
This day on the Czech part of the route brings you to Kopřivnice where you can visit the Technical Museum of the old Czech car maker Tatra, displaying many interesting, antique cars. Hukvaldy is another delightful stop on the route. It is known for its ruined castle and as the birthplace of composer Leoš Janáček. His original home, now a protected monument, houses an exhibition. The route takes you through Frýdek-Místek to Těšín where the Czech - Polish border separates Český Těšín and Polsky Cieszyn.
Overnight in Český Těšín.

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