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Self-Guided Bicycle Tours

Self-guided bike tours offer more flexibility than guided ones. You can go at your own pace without having to keep up with others. You decide what time you will start in the morning and where, when and for how long you take breaks. Unlike guided tours that have preset dates, self-guided tours can be taken anytime from April until the end of October.

The average daily distance covered in a bike tour is 35 miles (56 km); the longest segment is 45 miles (72 km). This distance depends on the distance between accommodation facilities and the difficulty of each segment.
Prague Vienna Greenways
Self-guided bicycle tours include:

• Accommodation in selected hotels and pensions
• Buffet breakfast
• Luggage transfer between overnight stops
• English route descriptions (including points of interest, refreshments, etc.)
• Detailed cycling maps
• Town maps including the location and contact details of your hotel/pension
• Global Positioning System (GPS) console with preprogrammed route to show you the way
• Transportation by car according to program
• Welcome briefing upon arrival
• Quality Trek or Scott bike rental
• Stand-by support (cellphone and contact person) to help in emergencies, unexpected situations and in case of language barriers

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