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Alphonse Mucha (1860 - 1939)
A Czech-French painter and poster designer, one of the leading figures of the French Art Nouveau period. A considerable part of his work (theater announcements, stage decorations, graphics) was created for the French actress Sarah Bernhardt, one of the greatest actresses of the turn of the century. Mucha also produced numerous advertisements, calendars and illustrations, which were usually made to order and were widely accessible to the public. The women of Mucha's paintings are beautiful and elegant and are depicted in a natural style with an emphasis on sensuous and feminine form.

Bieres de la Meuse
Perhaps the most elegant beer advertisement ever produced. This Mucha masterpiece has all the hallmarks of his best work – circular design, women with ornate hair and adornments – plus some clever tricks as well. Along with the flowers in the woman’s flowing hair, you’ll also find all the ingredients needed to make a fine lager: barley, hops, and poppy flowers from the fields of France...

Le Matin

Le Jour

Le Soir

La Nuit

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