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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Kristían, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Kristían

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    i am an 18 year old american male and just graduated from high school. my family all comes from cz and i plan on moving there. i was just wondering, is there any way for me to attend some type of college there? I know a little czech but am learning more and am fluent in german, which probably wont help much...
  2. Dana

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    Hi Kristían,

    I don't know about attending college full time, but you can definitely attend a Czech language course, e.g. the one given by the Charles University every summer. Take a look at this topic.

    What would you like to study and where in the Czech Republic? If I were you, I would direct your question to an actual college or university. Here are some that might be a good start:

    Charles University, Prague: http://www.cuni.cz/
    Palacký University, Olomouc: http://www.upol.cz/
    Masaryk University, Brno: http://www.muni.cz/
    University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice: http://www.jcu.cz/

    Good luck!


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