Český Krumlov: Introduction

The medieval town of Český Krumlov is a true gem and one of the first places in the Czech Republic that was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The neglectful times of Communism saw the town grey and dilapidated - but even then its beauty could have been perceived under the rough surface. In the 1990s, Český Krumlov was reborn and transformed into a place of charming beauty and near perfection.

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That perfection was scarred in August 2002 when the Vltava River that otherwise snakes peacefully through the center of town, flooded the restored medieval buildings to a level that had not been seen in centuries. A year later, almost all damage had been undone.

Český Krumlov deserves some quality time. Although many tourists pop down from Prague for a day (and it is possible and worthwhile if that's the only time you have), we recommend spending at least two days to fully appreciate the town without having to rush. Taking a night stroll along the quiet streets with the lit-up castle towering over the town is an experience to remember.

Český Krumlov sister city: Miami Beach, Florida

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