Kutná Hora Sights

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Jesuit College (Jezuitská kolej)

Jesuit College with the Church of St. BarbaraThe Jesuits arrived in Kutná Hora in 1626 to convert the Utraquist town to Catholicism. They focused their attention on children and built a college next to St. Barbara's Cathedral, connecting the two with a covered bridge.

The Jesuit College was built between 1667 and mid-18th century. The building originally had three towers but the middle one had to be removed in mid-19th century for stability reasons. A man-made terrace was created in front of the building and enclosed by a low wall upon which 13 statues of saints were placed. That created a sort of pseudo-bridge, which was supposed to resemble Prague's Charles Bridge and Royal Route.

The building is now home to a large art gallery.
Opening Hours:
Tue. - Sun.: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Adults 80 CZK
Students 40 CZK
Families 120 CZK