Tábor: Introduction

Tábor is a town of 37 thousand people, but it feels much smaller because its historical center is very condensed and can easily be covered in just a few hours. The town is a nice stop if you are traveling in Southern Bohemia or are passing by and have a few hours to spare.

Tábor has an eventful past, linked to the religious Hussite wars of the 15th century. It was founded as a bastion by Jan Žižka, army-leader of the Hussites, in 1420. Reminders of these turbulent times can be found in street names, monuments, the ever-present symbol of the chalice, and in the Hussite Museum that is housed inside the Town Hall.

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A View of Tábor

Tábor's Old Town is very pretty and it is a pleasure to stroll along its narrow cobblestone streets rimmed with colorful residential houses that are decorated with a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and other elements. We recommend starting at the picturesque Jan Žižka Square where you can visit the Information Center, and then choosing any of the streets that lead from the square in all directions.

Before you head out of town, you can stop for a coffee and cake in one of the many cafés on the square or in one of the nearby streets.

Tábor sister city: Orinda, California