Prague Metro (Subway)

The Prague metro carries around 600 million passengers a year and about 40% of people choose it as their mode of public transport in Prague. It is fast, efficient, clean, and easy to use. Its three lines consist of about 62 km of tracks running mostly underground, and 61 stations. New stations continue to be added. The Prague subway first opened in 1974.

Metro Lines

Prague Metro PlatformThe three lines of the Prague metro currently are:

Line A (Green) runs east to west from Depo Hostivař to Nemocnice Motol and has 17 stations.

Line B (Yellow) runs east to west from Černý most to Zličín and has 24 stations.

Line C (Red) runs north to south from Letňany to Háje and has 20 stations.

Line D (Blue) is planned to be opened in 2029. It will be driverless and its 10 stations will connect Písnice and Náměstí Míru.

Prague Metro Escalator
Transfer Stations

There are three transfer stations in the city center where two subway lines intersect:

Můstek (lower end of Wenceslas Square) - lines A and B intersect
Muzeum (upper end of Wenceslas Square) - lines A and C intersect
Florenc (main bus station) - lines B and C intersect

These are transfer points from one line to another. Each transfer route is clearly marked and takes 3-5 minutes walking.

Prague Metro StationIn the Metro Station

Trains run from around 4:45 a.m. and the last train leaves its station of origin at midnight. Night trams and buses must be used when the metro is closed. Trains arrive in 1-3 min. intervals during the peak hours of the morning and afternoon commute and in 4-10 min. intervals in the off hours. The time that has elapsed from the moment when the previous train left the station can be seen on the clock at the head of the tracks.

All stations are equipped with escalators and about two thirds of all metro stations allow access for the disabled.

Subway Announcements
Prague Subway Car
Once on the train, the following announcements can be heard:

1. Name of the station where the train is currently stopped, e.g. "Můstek"
2. Warning of doors closing: "Ukončete prosím výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají." (Please finish exiting and boarding the train, the doors are closing.)
3. Name of the following station (e.g. Muzeum): "Příští stanice: Muzeum" (Next station: Muzeum). If that station is also a transfer station, you will hear "Přestup na linku A/B/C." (Transfer to line A/B/C).

Prague Metro Map

You can download a large printable map of the Prague subway system from the Prague Public Transit Co. website.

• Useful Dictionary

eskalátor - escalator
linka (A, B, C) - line (A, B, C)
metro - subway
přestup - transfer
stanice metra - subway station
trasa - route
vstup - entrance
výstup - exit
přestupní stanice - transfer station
Placený prostor, označte si jízdenku - Paid area, validate your ticket
Vlak přijíždí do stanice - Train is approaching the station

myCZ tip: Online Schedules and Connections
You can look up Prague metro schedules and connections at or in the Lítačka app. Both come with an English language version.