Prague Trams

Prague Tram TracksWith 500 km of tracks, trams (tramvaje) cover a large area of Prague and are used by some 300 million people a year. Daytime trams run from 4:30 a.m. till midnight in 8 - 10 minute intervals (8 - 15 minutes on weekends). Night trams (numbers 51 - 58) run from 00:30 a.m. till 4:30 a.m. in 40 minute intervals.

Tram 22
Tram 22 follows one of Prague's most scenic routes, passing by the National Theater to Staroměstská and Malostranská metro stations, and continuing up to the Belveder, Prague Castle and Pohořelec, with some stunning views along the way.

Tram 22Historical Tram no. 41
The Historical Tram no. 41 (historická linka č. 41) is a historic tram that runs on weekends and holidays from April through mid-November. The tram runs from noon until about 5 p.m. The ticket costs 35 Kč for adults and 20 Kč for children under 15.

Tram Schedules and Connections
You can look up Prague tram schedules and connections online at