Kamal Sunavala: Tongue-in-Czech

Kamal Sunavala was born in Bombay and educated in Great Britain. She worked as a lawyer, writer and actress before coming to Prague to teach in September 2002. In February 2004, she left the Czech Republic to spend a year and a half in the United Arab Emirates. Kamal returned to Prague in September 2005 and worked as a journalist for the Czech Business Weekly. She left for India in the fall of 2006.

Kamal's stories are part of her amazing experiences in Prague. None of the names or places have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

India & the Czech Republic: Parallels

The Discovery of Understanding
Diplomatic Mission
The Spirit Despite the Truth
Spicy Curries Versus Svíčková
The Ones Who Lie Abroad
Of Underdogs and Dogs
Making a Song and Dance of It
The Art of Emotion
Walking the Tightrope
Freudian Slap
A Year Later...

Tongue-in-Czech 2005 - 2007

In a State of Flux
Burčák - Pasteurised and Homogenised
Full Circle
Form and Function
Simply Resistible
The English Are Coming!
Woe Is Woman
Wanted: One Czech Hero
Prevention Is Better Than Death
Monk-ey's Brain
Are You Being Served?
The Idiot Club
Big Bully, Little Bully
Meat and Potatoes
No Bad News Here

From Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It's Pronounced Yir-Zhee!
Happy National Day
Let It Snow, Let It Snow
An Ode to a Book Lover

Tongue-in-Czech 2003 - 2004

Same Pea, Different Pod
Medúza, the Káva Shop at Belgická
Entertainment a la Czechia
No Sex Please, We're Teachers
Piece of Cake
Who Said Time Is Money
They Love Me, They Love Me Not
It's a Dog's Life
A Loud Silence
Happy Anniversary
Party Manners
My Last Piece
Prague Revisited

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