Czech Idioms

Below are examples of some common Czech idioms. If you would like to see more, visit the Czech Idioms page on our sister site Local Lingo.

Vyhazovat peníze z okna.
To throw money out of the window.
To throw money down the drain.

Vstávat se slepicemi.
To get up with the chickens.
To get up with the lark.

Chodit po tenkém ledě.
To walk on thin ice.
To skate on thin ice.

Mít knedlík v krku.
To have a dumpling in one's throat.
To have a frog in one's throat.

Dát/snést někomu modré z nebe.
To give/bring someone the blue from the sky.
To give someone the Moon.

Držet (někomu) palce.
To hold one's thumbs (for someone).
To keep one's fingers crossed (for someone).

Znát něco jako své boty.
To know something like one's own shoes.
To know something like the back of one's hand.

Chodit kolem horké kaše.
To walk around hot mush.
To beat about the bush.

Lije jako z konve.
It's raining as if from a watering can.
It's raining cats and dogs.

Mám toho plné zuby.
I have my teeth full of it. / My teeth are full of it.
I'm fed up with it.