What to See and Do in Tábor

Tabor Town HallHussite Museum

The Hussite Museum is one of the most visited museums in the Czech Republic. You will find it inside the Town Hall on Jan Žižka Square.

Website: www.husitskemuzeum.cz

Underground Passages

In the 15th century, a network of underground passages and cellars was built under the Old Town. The areas were used for storage of foodstuffs and beer, and as a shelter in times of danger. A part of the 800-meter (0.5 mile) long labyrinth is open to the public (groups of five or more) and can be entered from the Hussite Museum.

Website: www.visittabor.eu

Kotnov Tower

The round, medieval Kotnov Tower is the most significant remainder of the Kotnov Castle from the 13th century. Be sure to climb up to get a wonderful view of old and new Tábor and the river Lužnice. The climb is "at your own risk" (roughly 70 steep wooden steps with sturdy handrails) but we can testify that it can be done wearing slip-ons and carrying a small dog in one arm.

Website: www.visittabor.eu