What to See and Do in Karlovy Vary

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Spa Treatments

A Spa Treatment SignMost spa treatment procedures need to be prescribed by a doctor, but some, such as mineral baths and massages, can be purchased without a prescription, so you can include a curative bath or spa treatment in your visit to Karlovy Vary.

A spa treatment should be booked 1-2 days in advance. If you're unable to book one, you may still get lucky and be able to just walk in for a treatment.

Spa treatments and baths are generally provided at "spa clinics". They tend to begin and end early, so make sure you know the hours before you go. Besides spa clinics, some hotels in Karlovy Vary offer spa treatments like baths, saunas, massages, electro-treatments, etc. Some hotels that offer therapeutic treatments are the Bristol Hotel, Jadran Spa Hotel, Královská Vila Hotel, Spa Hotel Pavlov, Tereza Hotel, Livia Villa.