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River Cruises
Prague River Cruises on the Vltava

Seeing Prague from the river is a unique experience. The historical center with its famous monuments presents itself from a different perspective and unusual angles. On the longer cruises, you will go by several islands on the Vltava and find yourself on a stretch of the river that lets you see a part of the embankment that you would not normally visit. In a matter of an hour, you can leave the bustling city behind and come out to some of Prague's quieter areas.

  The cruises leave from the center of Prague
transport price per person
CZK EUR/USD (approx.)*
  Short River Cruise on the Vltava (1 hour 15 minutes)
  Take a cruise on the river to enjoy the sights of downtown Prague.
  Includes a bus transfer to the dock.
bus, boat 300 CZK 12 EUR / 15 USD
  Vltava River Cruise with Lunch (2 hours 30 minutes)
  Have lunch on a boat with the grandeur of Prague passing by.
  Includes a walk to the dock.
on foot, boat 750 CZK 30 EUR / 38 USD
  Dinner Cruise with Bus Transfer (3 hours 30 minutes)
  Enjoy a popular Vltava evening cruise with music.
  Includes a bus transfer to the dock with sightseeing commentary.
bus, boat 1150 CZK 46 EUR / 58 USD
  Dinner Cruise (2 hours 30 minutes)
  Enjoy a popular Vltava evening cruise with dinner (guided).
  Includes a guided walk to the dock.
  Does not run November 1 - March 31
on foot, boat 850 CZK 34 EUR / 43 USD

*The euro and dollar amounts are only approximate. The actual EUR/USD value depends on the current exchange rate. As a guideline, we used the rates 25 CZK/EUR and 20 CZK/USD.

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