What to See and Do in Telč

Telč Town Square

Telč Town SquareSpending time on the Zachariáše z Hradce Square is perhaps the number one activity in Telč and it's a colourful, pleasant place ringed with outdoor cafes and shops. The buildings around the edge of the square are all individually decorated and the arches that cover the footpath might make you think of the legs of a huge stone caterpillar that has you surrounded. There are also two fountains and a decorative plague column in a small garden. All of this is watched over by the tower of St. Jacob's church at one end and the tower of the Church of the Holy Spirit at the other.

The Telč Chateau

The chateau at the northern end of the square hides behind a tall stone wall but is accessible as part of a guided tour, with tickets available in the gate tower. The tour begins in one of the graceful internal courtyards and continues through cellars, chapels, libraries and grand ballrooms with richly sculpted wooden ceilings. The most astounding room visited by the tour is the African Hall. Early twentieth century owners of the chateau, the Leichtenstein-Podstatzký family were apparently avid hunters, as the hall contains dozens of wall-mounted trophy-busts. Crocodile, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, lion, leopard and buffalo hides all found their way to the hall between the years 1903 and 1914.